Kingdom Hearts -Re:coded- Ultimania Interview Part 1

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Takahiko Ebato - Planning Director

From: Tokyo Development Team
Previous titles: Coded

What is something you paid careful attention to in this title?

Ebato: I wanted to make a game that could be looked at, played and enjoyed many many times, like a Disney Land attraction. I consider the bug blocks, system area, sidescroll action, 3D shooting etc as attractions that you should be able to adventure in through each world.

Was there something you were thinking to change since the mobile phone version of Coded?

Ebato: Because the controls were hugely improved, I was thinking I wanted to realize marvelous action on the DS. By adjusting and incorporating the Deck Command system and ShotLock options from Birth by Sleep, as well as adopting auto-jump and the like, I think it turned into an action RPG that can be played by a wide range of gamers.

What was the very hardest thing?

Ebato: Not having any time. Because the amount of time between Coded for the mobile phone and Re:Coded for the DS was short, we were late in drawing up modified points for the DS version and new plans.

If you have an unforgettable memory from during development, please share it with us.

Ebato: I will never forget the sashimi we ate at a bar we randomly went into on a business trip to Sapporo to make arrangements with h.a.n.d (the developement company who were given charge of producing this title). It was both huge and delicious.

What’s the best part about this title?

Ebato: It is the total balance that makes everyone who bought the game able to feel satisfied, from clearing the game to running through it. I really can’t narrow down the best part!

Secret of this title that only he knows: When developing the mobile phone version, I trialled so many different boss fights. There was also a version of the boss fight for Olympus Coliseum in which your health would shave down as you clashed with enemies and allies alike.

Tai Yasue - Planning Supervisor

From: Osaka Development Team
Previous titles: Re:Chain of Memories, Birth by Sleep, Vagrant Story, Tetra Master, Musashi: Samurai Legend

Please tell us how you came to join the development team for this title.

Yasue: Nomura contacted me around Janurary 2010, saying he wanted me to think about battles, and the growth component in particular, for this title. At the time, including me, three people from the Osaka team that worked on Birth by Sleep had joined, and by the end the title turned into something that over 20 staff members were needed to make. Working under Nomura always means a boundless dream spreading before me, and a boundlessly harsh road to develop it (laughs).

What is something you paid careful attention to in this title?

Yasue: My goal was to greatly deepen the customization factor of the growth system, while making the content easily accessible. At the end of much agonizing over a superb balance, I arrived at the plans for the Matrix System and Overclock System. With these two systems, the more a player fights the wider the range of play becomes, so please by all means take the time to play through slowly and carefully.

Next time you lend a hand to a Kingdom Hearts title, what would you like to try?

Yasue: I can’t speak in detail about the new title, but I want to surprise everyone with a unexpected growth system that is different from Re:Coded and Birth by Sleep. While coming up with the plans, I always keep some kind of theme in mind, and right now the theme I’m crazy in dreaming of is ‘making contact’. Making contact with something in a dream.

Secret of this title that only he knows: Scratch Card was originally something we planned to use in Birth by Sleep Final Mix. After proposing it to Nomura, he said, “I definitely want the scratching on a touch screen,” and it ended up being used in this title.

Masaru Oka - Planning Director: Cutscenes

From: Tokyo Development Team
Previous Titles: KH1, KH1 Final Mix, KH2, KH2 Final Mix, 358/2 Days, Coded, Birth by Sleep, FFVII, FFVIII, FFX, FFXIII, -FFVII- Crisis Core, Treasure of Rudra

What is something you paid careful attention to in this title?

Oka: It was changing the types of still images of the characters we used for conversation scenes, seeing as there was a limit, and directing the 2D cutscenes for rich expression.

Please tell us why you went with composing the cutscenes of still images.

Oka: In the beginning we considered having cutscenes in 3D like 358/2 Days, but we felt a limit to the power of expression in those. Then, Nomura proposed, “What about using still images like the cutscenes in The World Ends With You?” From then on, the direction we were taking the expression in was settled. With the staff in charge of motion as our pivot, we repeatedly examined methods of expression, including having the backs of the characters in the still pictures, and ways to make the depth and movement of the characters felt.

What was the very hardest thing?

Oka: In scenes where many characters appear at once, ensuring space for the placing of their images and their manner of popping in felt a lot like doing a puzzle.

If you have an unforgettable memory from during development, please share it with us.

Oka: After completing the Japanese version, when production of the overseas version had started, it was necessary to check each of the memory words in Wonderland. As I checked them time and time again, I began to understand European language just a little. Only the memory words in the game, though…

Secret of this title that only he knows: During development, we used Chip from Chip and Dale as a temporary portrait for the still images. In the scenes where Cerberus and Rock Titan were meant to